Power Search Facility

Use this facility to locate companies listed on Engserv. Please read the notes below if you need assistance.

Search Criteria
Enter all information which applies
Apply logic: All keywords must be matched (AND)
Any Keywords can match (OR)
Search document: Header with keywords (default)
Body text with descriptions

Number of
results to display:

The Keywords field can be used to enter any word which relates to the business you are looking for. It can include lines from the address, telephone numbers or company names.

Logic is used to match either every keyword you enter or any one of the keywords entered.

Do not use terms like 'the' or 'and' because they are too broad and when carrying out 'AND' searches this may be unnecessarily restrictive. When doing 'OR' searches it may match to many companies.

Choosing a large number of results to be displayed can cause a noticeable delay.

You can get additional assistance by reading the Online Support section.