About Engserv

As you are likely aware, Engserv is an online resource of engineering companies which are searchable in a variety of ways, including keyword searches and area searches.

The site is designed to be easy to use and fast to respond. To this end, the site maintains a simple appearance, keeping the use of graphics to a minimum. Emphasis is on content!

We provide every UK engineering company a free entry comprising of their name, full contact details and a description of what they do. All this information may be searched.

For an annual fee we provide Premium Membership which includes more keywords, long descriptions and explanations of what the company does, pictures and logos, as well as a higher priority in search and list positions and banner advertising.

We also provide statistics to all companies listed so they can monitor how many times their details have been viewed. All details submitted to the resource are manually verified to filter out bogus entries and therefore keep the records as reliable as possible.

All details, apart from the purposefully published ones, are treated in the strictest confidence, in harmony with our privacy policy.