If you are interested in posting a news story about your company, please take note of the following information.

These stories are best kept fairly short, containing only a few paragraphs. We can also add one picture or a logo, plus a link to either your Engserv details, or in the case of Premium Members, an external link to your site.

Each news story should, in our opinion, be related to engineering in some way. It will not be accepted if it has no connection. Also, we cannot guarantee any timing of the feature, should you intend to co-ordinate it with a product release. This service is intended as a free promotional aid only.

There are a few ways to post a news story on Engserv. Please select the most appreciate below and remember to include your Engserv reference number:

1. The E-mail Form:

If your news story only contains text, then please use the form on the Contact page to send an e-mail to us.

2. By E-mail:

If you have a picture to add to your news story, it can be accepted as an attachment, but the text should be in the body of the e-mail as we do not open Word documents. It should be e-mailed to support@engserv.co.uk.

3. By Post:

Should you prefer us to scan the photograph, please post it to the address found on the Contact page along with your reference number. The text is best e-mailed, but remember to state that the photograph has been posted for inclusion with the story.